Jen's Jotting (rainykelly) wrote,
Jen's Jotting

I don't think I will ever forget my 25th birthday. Saturday night I got to spend so much time with Mindy and Emma and we had so much fun. We went shopping and drank coffee and ate soft pretzels and just had a blast! On Sunday the family came over and all of the clothes that Aunt Kim gave me fit! Grandma gave me a little stuffed dog a fund raiser from the Seeing Eye and it is so adorable and sweet. I debated over and over if I wanted to work today or take the day off. I decided to save the vacation day and I am glad that I did. This morning around 10:00 I heard a commotion outside my door. All of a sudden the commotion was in my office. All of my favorite people some of whom have known me for years and years got together and gave me a pot holder set with a gift card to Wal-Mart. They told me that my face was as red as my shirt. I feel so lucky to be working at a place where my coworkers care about me and want me to succeed. In a way I'm everyone's little sister here at work because I am so much younger. Later the Holladay side came over and stayed and stayed and stayed and I was so tired when I finally came in that I listened to my happy birthday wishes on my phone and went to bed. Grandma says that this is my lucky year. I am starting to think so, a job that I enjoy my new apartment moving out on my own, I'm really on my way!
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