Jen's Jotting (rainykelly) wrote,
Jen's Jotting

A friend wrote this for my birthday and I can't resist posting it.
A Poem for the Holladay
A holiday is a special thing
In Summer, fall, winter, or spring
We do something for every occasion.
We eat turkey, and go on vacation.

We put presents inside of wraps.
On Memorial day, we hear Taps.
On the Fourth of July, fireworks are ignited.
We don't bring our dogs, or they get excited.

today is for special Holladay;
I don't know what more I can say.
June 25 is the day that's sufficing,
So let's get out the cake and icing.

Let's have fun and have a big lunch
Let's celebrate with a bowl of punch.
And then, if we want to get zany,
September 25 is the birthday of Rainy.
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