Jen's Jotting (rainykelly) wrote,
Jen's Jotting

I moved in on 7/7/07. It is supposed to be my lucky year as I turned 25 on the 25th. We had three trucks Dad's work van and a car. The people consisted of Mom Dad Me Jason Grandma, Uncle Steve, Aunt Kim, Corry, Drue, Brad and Jennifer. Mom was parking in front of my apartment and a George Strait song came on the radio, though I can't remember the song. All of the heavy stuff was moved in 30 minutes. I have wonderful friends but sometimes it takes something so small to realize how great they really are. I left Rainy at Mom's house thinking that she could just bring her to me on Sunday. Well everyone was getting ready to leave and I realized that I really didn't have her with me. Jennifer and Brad offered to take me home and get Rainy then come back to my place. I took them to dinner, we went to a church festival grabbed Rainy then back to my place. It was there that we found out that Brad's Grandpa died, quite sad news to all of us as I knew Grandpa very well. The first night was uncomfortable as I did not have air-conditioning until Sunday afternoon. I had internet installed first thing Sunday morning. Rainy seems to have settled in quite nicely. I have been quite busy with my little place and it truly feels like home. It has a little bit from many of my loved ones, my couch came from Grandma, and it was hers long before Granddaddy died. She also gave me some of the silver wear that was given to her as a wedding gift but never used. Mom and Dad gave me their bedroom suit so they could get a new one. I have Uncle Steve and Aunt Kim's old kitchen table and chairs. I have a set of chairs that MomMom gave Grandma when they got married. Grandmamma gave me some wicker furniture, too. I have the aphgan that Mom made for me, and dresser scarves that Grandma made, and I have a George Strait throw on the back of my couch. Paula knitted me some dish cloths and when she gave them to me I cried. So much love has gone into this place!
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