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Stolen from kl1964
the alphabetical reverse meme
a) My name:
b) Where did we meet:
c) How long have you known me:
d) How well do you know me:
e) Do I smoke:
f) Do I drink:
g) Do I use narcotics:
h) When you 1st saw me what did you think:
i) My age:
j) My hair & eye color:
k) Have you ever had a crush on me:
l) What's one of my favorite things to do:
m) One of the first things I said to you:
n) What's my favorite type of music:
o) What's my favorite band:
p) What's my best feature:
q) Am I shy or outgoing:
r) Would you say I'm funny:
s) Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules:
t) Any special talents I have:
u) Would you consider me a friend:
v) Have you ever seen me cry:
w) A good nickname for me would be:
x) Am I currently in love & w/ who:
y) Why don't you come and visit me:
z) Say anything to me here
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